Reshape your body by using free weights, machines, exerballs, BOSU balls and all of the latest exercise techniques with top trainers.

Specializing in personal training, weight loss, nutrition and well-being in the privacy of a non-intimidating wellness studio under the guidance of friendly, motivational and qualified exercise specialists.

Lockers rooms and showers available with the use of an invigorating whirlpool, relaxing steam room, robes, towels and other amenities.

  • 6 Sessions ……. $400
  • 12 Sessions ……. $600
  • 24 Sessions ……. $320/mos.
  • 48 Sessions ……. $280/mos.

In-home and corporate training and gym design available. Inquire about specific needs.

Ask for Lisa Saunders (BS Exercise Physiology, ACE Certified, Pilates Certified Personal Trainer).

Wellness Fitness Services

Studio G Salon Fitness And Wellness Services

Get the body you’ve always wanted. Our certified personal training staff and state-of-the-art fitness equipment can help you achieve your fitness goals in a friendly, non-intimidating environment

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